Music Player for Android™

Music Player for Android

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Music Player for Android™ – all the music you love in one song player app. 🎧

🎧 Music Player for Android™ is different from other MP3 audio player apps. How? Instead of having a dozen streaming music service apps (Sound Cloud, Spotify, Deezer, etc.) on your device, you can connect your accounts to Music Player for Android™ and play your favorite music with a single audio player! And this is only one of many things this free song player can do!


Music Player for Android™ features charts like Top 200 and Viral 50 with lists of the most popular songs in the world. This free song player app also makes it possible to listen to Top 100 songs chart from iTunes and always have the latest tracks on your device. This streaming music player app, besides being your personal music streamer, has around 30+ different playlists of different music genres.


🎧 Search for tracks, albums or artists in all the music services you are connected to
🎧 Works as a music streamer – streams your music from Spotify and Beets
🎧 Deezer is also one of the audio service apps you can connect to. Make it your own Deezer music streamer
🎧 MP3 audio player for your tracks from Ampache and Amazon
🎧 Play Top 100 chart from iTunes at all times
🎧 Play Top 200 & Viral 50 charts from Spotify
🎧 You can start streaming music from Jamendo at any time
🎧 Audio player for the music from your device
🎧 Using Soundcloud as your personal song player? This audio player app is your No. 1 choice for listening to music from Soundcloud
🎧 Have accounts on Subsonic and Tidal? Your streaming music player is perfect to play music from these music services
🎧 Play your tracks from Google Play Music service app
🎧 Sound quality settings – when using WiFi to play your tracks, you will enjoy higher quality sound
🎧 Equalizer settings – set the music sounds according to your mood or the genre you are listening to


Besides being an audio player / music streamer with all the most popular songs of the moment, Music Player for Android™ is an MP3 music player for all your favorite songs. Whether these tracks are on your device storage or you have a playlist on one of the mentioned music services, Music Player for Android™ will play everything you want! Download now and have one song player app to enjoy music from everywhere!


Music Player

Music Player

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A treat for all the audiophiles: an ultimate Music Player! Let the music play!

Music is everywhere. Searching for a good audio player, you are all over the place, too. Although the search can be fun, it’s time to settle down with a Music Player that can play your favorite songs and foreign or local radio stations. Connect all the accounts you have on different music services and don’t ever lose a second trying to find your favorite playlist. Let the playlist come to you! Download Music Player, the best song player for Android, and watch (better yet, listen to) your music XP rise!


🎵 Search for the songs through all the music services you are connected to:
🎶 Stream music from Spotify and Beets
🎶 Play your favorite songs from iTunes
🎶 Play songs from Amazon and Ampache
🎶 Deezer is also one of the music services you can play songs from
🎶 Play music from Google Play Music
🎶 You can start streaming music from Jamendo at any time
🎶 If Soundcloud is your favorite music streamer, you will love to have this audio player on your phone
🎶 Play music from Subsonic or stream songs from Tidal
🎵 Play radio stations – this app is a sort of a radio player, too
🎵 Play music from your phone
🎵 Equalizer settings – make the sound suit your mood
🎵 Sound quality settings – when playing songs through WiFi, you can enjoy better sound
🎵 Playlists of your choice: enjoy your favorite songs in one place

Turn this audio player into your personal music streaming service. It will come in handy wherever you are, and with a strong WiFi connection, only low battery can stop the party. This Music Player for Android is everything you need from a song player. Whether you prefer radio stations with songs of local performers or foreign ones, this radio player app has it all! One thing is certain: you will not get bored. So, download Audio Player for Android, your personal music streaming service and enjoy! The world is much nicer when you (literally) have the best music in your pocket!

Associations – Word Game


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Ladies and gentlemen, we present you a BRAND NEW GAME – Associations – Word Game, which will train your brain to the maximum and keep it sharp and active!

Experts say that brain training games have the same positive effects on brain cells production as reading a book or riding a bike. When the brain is subject to learning or training, e.g. through video games,  thousands of new connections are being formed. As a result, players continuously improve their brain performance.


Have you ever wondered how to exercise your brain and have fun at the same time? The answer is Associations – Word Game – a challenging brain game that will let you think! Are you ready to take the challenge? Come on! Learn and play at the same time! Brain teasers, word games and brain busters are excellent for increasing your brain power and improving your word skills. Download now free word games and we guarantee you’ll have a great time!

Take your brain on a journey of endless fun with this highly-addictive Associations – Word Game! In this interesting word game, you are given 4 words, and your job is to figure out the final hidden word using word association related to the final clue. The rules are simple. Guess the word and become the WORD MASTER!


★ JOIN the adventure of endless word game and solve 200+ fun associations created just for you.
★ GUESS the word and beat the clock!
★ CHALLENGE your friend in 2 players mode.
★ STAY FIT, you take care of your body, why not take care of your mind?
★ IMPROVE your cognitive abilities with one of the best brain teasers game!
★ ENJOY minimalistic design and beautiful music.


Are you ready to put your skills to the test? Associations – Word Game will challenge you like never before! Enter the world of free word games! Join the fun now and give your brain a workout with this enjoyable and endlessly replayable brain game. In this real thinker game, you can compete with your friends and show off your word skills. Learn and play words game! Games for two players are extremely fun and addictive, and you would not be able to stop playing this word association game!Improve your spelling and vocabulary and have fun at the same time with one of the best MIND GAMES.


Associations – Word Game is easy to learn, but hard to put down. You won’t be able to stop playing. Keep your mind engaged for hours with this association game and put your brain to work. This is fantastic brain exercise and an excellent way to improve your brain performance. Train your brain through word association, and become the ULTIMATE WORD GENIUS. Play with words! This is the perfect word game for those who like a bit more of a challenge and creative thinking.

Endless word associations from easy to tricky ones are waiting for you! This addictive association game will even challenge the real word experts. You are gonna love it. This unique, thinking and intelligent word game is perfect fun for the brain! Download Associations – Word Game and let the journey begin! Now get one of the best word games for adults & exercise your brain! Have fun!

This free game is an intellectual property of PeakselGames – copyright 2016.

Radio Malaysia online


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Description :

Would you like to have a free radio app for Android to listen to your favorite music and news without problems? With the application “Radio Malaysia online” you will finally have a chance to enjoy the most popular Malaysian radio stations online wherever you are.

It is very important for you to have high quality live radio streaming. Imagine you listening to some of the talk radio stations you like without hearing the point of the discussion, or listening to the free music online but hearing some disturbing noise instead of the pleasant sounds. So, don’t be indecisive while downloading the Android radio app you need, when you have “Radio Malaysia online” app with best online radio stations for your phone.

Listen to Malaysia radio online!

When you download this Malaysia FM radio app, you will find free internet radio stations list of both national and local radio stations online. Now, it’s on you to find the category you like. There are fantastic music radio stations like Cats FM and Kelantan FM where you can certainly find a kind of music that cheers you up – from national Malaysian music to popular music genres. If you like to be informed about the political situation and what happens in your country and in the world, news radio stations such as Radio 24 or Labuan FM will provide you all the necessary information. For all the believers, there are religious radio stations – Islamic Nasyid FM, Christian and many others.

Radio Malaysia online features:

Click on the Malay radio you want to listen to
Set the widget button of your favorite radio station on your home screen
Add the Malaysia radio station to the list of your favorite radio stations
Share the stations with your friends
Set as radio alarm to wake up with the sounds you love the most
Set radio timer to play the music at the exact moment
Use the sleep mode

Download radio online Malaysia and dance to the rhythm of your favorite music, listen to the world news for free, and educate yourself. These free online radio stations will make your life sounds better for sure!

Islamic radios

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Description :

Islamic Radios is one of the best Islamic apps for Android. It is made for all the Muslim brothers and sisters around the world. This radio app is a collection of the most popular Islam radio stations around the world.

No matter where you are, you can always listen to your favorite radio station. Live radio streaming offers you a variety of programs so you can enjoy listening to Nasheeds, Naats (poetry that specifically praises the Islamic prophet Muhammad), audio Quran and Islamic lectures, religious conversations and talk shows 24/7. The stations in Islamic radio app are from all around the world so you can find your local radio station in your language or the world’s most famous stations in English and Arabic.
Islamic radio stations we put in our collection aim to promote the message of Islam. These online radio stations have also become synonymous with Islamic values and a tool to dispel misconceptions relating to Islam and Muslims all around the world such as Radio Islam or Quran Radio.

There are other great free radio stations with high quality program with Islamic content so choose Allahu Akbar Radio or maybe Al Wisal. This is a great way to be in touch with your religion, to be with your heart and soul in Mecca and Medina, to feel the presence of Allah.
Islamic radios app features:

– Click on the Islamic station you want to listen to
– Set the widget button of your favorite radio station on your home screen
– Add the Muslim radio station to the list of your favorite radio stations
– Share the stations with your friends
– Set as alarm to wake up with the sounds you love the most
– Set timer to play the music at the exact moment
– Use the sleep mode
This radio app is a real Muslim pro app and it is ideal during the holidays like Ramadan or Eid al-Adha when you are together with your family and want to make a warm atmosphere in your home.

This is one of the best radio apps collection! Life can sound better with Islamic radios!

May Allah be with you!

Makkah Live 24/7


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Description :

Enjoy the best Makkah live stream quality with Makkah live 24/7 – free Islamic app! Be closer to your religion by watching live broadcast Mecca Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Prophet Muhammad and a site of the composition of the Quran.

Watch Muslims from around the world who came to Mecca to perform their once-in-a-lifetime Hajj. This Mecca pilgrimage is one of five pillars of Islam and an expression of devotion to Allah. Be with them with your soul.
What do you need to watch Makkah live 24/7?

To watch Mecca live streaming, and enjoy the best quality, you need to download the latest YouTube app. This channel is providing a live feed from the Al-Masjid Al-Haram, where Islam’s holiest place, the Kaaba, is located.

Mecca live streaming is important for everybody who believe in Allah, because watching this holiest place on Earth will connect your inner self with your faith and fill your soul with peace and tranquility.
What to do when somebody calls you during the broadcast?

Don’t worry about phone calls during Makkah live video streaming. When somebody calls you while you are watching Mecca online, during the conversation you will not hear the sounds in the background from Makkah live streaming, because there will be a pause in the broadcast that will continue after your conversation, without any problems.

Prepare yourself for Hajj and umrah! It’s time for you to go to Mecca, the starting point of Muhammad’s pilgrimage to Madinah and join millions of true believers of Islam.

When you download this fantastic free Islamic app press the “start” button and enjoy Mecca Live 24/7.

May Allah be with you!

Arabic TV Live


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Description :

Watch free live TV and your favorite Arabic TV channels right now! Free download of ‘Arabic TV Live’ app allows you to watch the best Islamic channels wherever, whenever.
This is a Muslim PRO app that has the high-quality live streaming broadcast of the most popular Islamic TV stations. You can now watch live Arab TV no matter where you are – all you need is your Android phone next to you, the latest YouTube app and a good Internet connection. And don’t worry about the incoming calls – once you answer the call, the live stream video will pause immediately, and you won’t hear any noise in the background, and the video will continue once the conversation is over. All these Arabic TV channels are divided in 6 major categories.
1) Social and Drama – enjoy watching great movies and lifestyle programming. One of the channels is Rotana Cinema Live. Rotana is a series of free television channels broadcast terrestrially in Saudi Arabia and on satellite television for the Arab World and the Arab Diaspora. Then, you can find one of the Al Jazeera Channels, namely Aljazeera Mubasher. It is an all-Arabic channel that broadcasts conferences live without editing or commentary, using subtitles when translation is needed. The channel is also sometimes referred to as Al Jazeera Live. Another great TV station is Almajd Channel which is a part of the Almajd TV Network . Other channels here are Al Kahera Wal Nas, Algad TV Syria and many others.

2) News and documentary – keep up with the news from around the world. Saudi Channel One is the main channel in Arabic; plus it was the first to broadcast the performance of the Hajj. Saudi TV Channel Two (KSA 2) is the English news and entertainment TV channel. Here you can also enjoy watching one of the newest channels Al Ekhbariya which is an Arabic news and current affairs satellite TV channel. Other televisions here are Alathar TV, Syria Algad TV, Eqtsa TV.

3) Religious – Praise Allah and watch Saudi Quran TV or Al-Resalah TV which is an Arabic language satellite television channel ‘to present true Islam’. May Allah always be with you; wherever you go you’ll be able to watch Alnas TV or Saudi Sunnah TV LIVE.

4) Sports – for sports fanatics, we offer only the best Saudi 1 Sport and Al Ahly TV, respectively. Follow the latest score live!

5) Kids’ TV – this Muslim app wouldn’t be this perfect without kids’ program. Kids can enjoy watching their favorite Arabic cartoons live on Toyorlive or Saudi Ayual TV both of which are TV channels for children broadcasted in Arabic.

6) Other – Though we know these TV channels are enough to watch free live streaming 247, we still added a few more – 4Shbab TV which refers to itself as “Islam’s own MTV”, Al Nahar TV, then Mehwar TV Channel that has a particular focus on Egyptian topics and a few more to satiate your hunger for Arabic TV live. Plus, one radio channel Nogoum FM, as a bonus.
The first television broadcasts in Saudi Arabia began in 1965. The first broadcast was a recitation of the Quran. And now, live television reached a new era and it was never this good! Try it and prove it!

Madina Live 24/7


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Description :

Watch Madina Live 24/7, the City of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the second holiest city in Islam after Mecca. Feel the strength of your religion in your heart!

To enjoy Madina live streaming free app, you need to download the latest YouTube app. This channel is providing a live feed from Al-Masjid al-Nabawi, a mosque built by the Islamic Prophet Muhammad situated in the city of Medina. It is the second holiest site in Islam (the first being the Masjid al-Haram in Mecca) and the second mosque built in history and is now one of the largest mosques in the world.

One of the most notable features of this religious site is the Green Dome in the south-east corner of the mosque, originally Aisha’s house, where the tomb of Muhammad is located. The mosque also served as a community center, a court, and a religious school. There was a raised platform for the people who taught the Quran.

Medina live stream is important for all the believers in Allah. Watching Madina online, the burial place of Prophet Muhammad will connect your inner self with your faith and fill your soul with peace and tranquility.

Every year millions and millions of people visit this holy place, so be with them with your mind and soul. Very soon your wish to be there yourself will become true. You just have to believe.

What to do when somebody calls you during the broadcast?

Don’t worry about phone calls during Madinah live broadcast. When somebody calls you while you are watching Madinah live, during the conversation you will not hear the sounds in the background from Madina live streaming, because there will be a pause in the broadcast that will continue after your conversation, without any problems.

When you download this fantastic free Islamic app press the “start” button and enjoy Madina Live 24/7.

May Allah be with you!

Islamic Go Launcher Theme


Description :

Get Islamic Go Launcher Theme! This Islamic Android theme app is well designed to beautify your phone and show your love for Islam.

Change android theme you previously had for the new, better one! Dress up the main look of your phone with the best symbols of Islam and make it different from any other. This is one of the best android themes that every Muslim should have on their phone.

Islamic Go Launcher Theme consists of two Islamic wallpapers, one for home screen and the other for app drawer. The first one is well designed image with the golden sign of Allah, while the other one is green ornaments, a piece of Islamic wall art and a green sign of Allah.

Custom dock background and icons in this free Islamic android theme are also redecorated for true believers who live according to Quran. All the app icons have their own background with beautiful mosques, except the default icons that have a green frame with Islamic ornaments. All other icons in this theme are redecorated, the home button is replaced by a mosque and an image of crescent is placed for recent apps.

Islamic Memory Game


Description :

Educate your children about Islamic religion and culture in a funny way with Islamic Memory Game.

Let your children improve concentration with this fantastic brain training game that will help them learn a lot about Islam.

This memory game for kids is beautifully designed with icons and a background with green Islamic ornaments from the most beautiful pieces of Islamic architecture. The cards you play with have the images of Islamic calligraphy, pictures of mosques, Islamic symbols of Allah, Prophet Muhammad, the star and crescent and many others.

With three levels of difficulty the complexity of the game can be adjusted according to the age and skills of your kid. Game is suitable for preschoolers and everybody who want to learn about Islamic art.

=== How to play ===

Turn on the background Islamic music to make a pleasant atmosphere.

Press play button. Initially you will see all cards turned face down. Tap on one of the cards and remember the Islamic symbol or image on it. With the next tap try to find and flip the card with the same symbol or image as previous one.

If the pictures on the both cards are the same they will stay opened and you can continue with the next pair. Otherwise, both cards will flip back over and you will get another try.

Try to find all matching pairs with few clicks and time as possible to get higher score.

=== Game modes ===

Depending on the age and skills of your kids, the complexity of the Islamic memory game can be adjusted to 4, 12 and 20 cards – easy, medium and hard mode.

If you make it to top 10, at the end of each game the name of the player and actual result can be saved in the score table, or saving can be skipped completely if you are not happy with achieved result.